I’m Jeff Vanik, a visual design artist specializing in branding and environmental aesthetics. I create useful yet stunning branding elements, inspired designs and websites, and show stopping collaboration spaces. 


I have a simple philosophy: Let’s co-create something that looks and functions undeniably well. And if we happen to sit down over coffee to come up with our game plan to make it happen, so much the better. I don’t believe in magic formulas, big-agency wizardry, or behind-the-red-curtain shenanigans. I’m just a visual guy who’s worked with a lot of amazing clients and collaborators to get things done.


Speaking of collaboration …for me, working with others makes the process and the product better all-around. In addition to involving you in your own project, I’ll call upon some of my amazing partners, too. My focus is always on design and creative direction, so my partners include copywriters, photographers, web developers and programmers, printers, and more. 


On a personal level, my strong work ethic comes from growing up in blue-collar Youngstown, Ohio. I have the patience (or the insanity) for a little hobby known as fly-fishing and travel often to Montana and Wyoming to “get my fix” in the great outdoors. I’m fascinated by the stock market and am glued to CNBC most early mornings. I grew up in my father’s woodworking shop (thanks Dad) so I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty…something I hope to pass along to my two boys.


So do you have business goals you’re having trouble reaching? Need a partner to help get ideas out of your head and down on paper? I’m ready. Let’s talk, roll up our sleeves and make it happen!


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