Zipline Logistics

As the only third-party logistics solutions provider in North America exclusively servicing the consumer-packaged goods sector and boasting a customer satisfaction score ranking 5 times the industry average, Zipline Logistics needed a brand refresh that matched their world class service. Vanik Design worked with them to understand the “ins” and “outs” of the industry as well as what makes Zipline a top logistics firm.


A new identity was created starting with a logo and brand look which was expanded into marketing materials and website. Due to their quick yet steady growth, Zipline moved into a new office which was a blank slate allowing us to work with them to incorporate the brand throughout the space. This included paint schemes, wall graphics, signage and architectural cues related to the industry in the way of numerous faux shipping containers. Each was designed and fabricated to conceal hard walls, create private offices and hide existing electrical and HVAC. Vanik Design worked with architects and builders to help incorporate the look into other aspects of the space as well. Keeping with the energetic company culture, the brand was also incorporated into the office’s bar, where bar pulls were designed and fabricated for those after hours events.


Jeff has been an integral part of designing Zipline's office graphics, logos and everything in-between for the last 15 years. The office environment he helped design is a stand-out and a must see!
 –Walter Lynch, CEO, Zipline Logistics



The design and fabrication of the shipping containers created for this project used 6.5 tons of steel, 300 feet of mig welding wire, 30 gallons of paint, in the ballpark of 500 man hours, and many pots of coffee.